‘Werewolf’ Is On Side Of Road For Months Until Brave Stranger Approaches To Discover Its Origin

This is the sort of story that often makes readers’ blood run cold. The idea of a real, live werewolf roaming the countryside is the type of thing that nightmares are made of. When frightening animals are allowed to prowl about in the dark, it can lead to some nerve wracking moments for the rest of us. It took quite some time before anyone could summon the nerve to approach the werewolf.

The bony animal had a massive mane around its neck and looked to be a werewolf for all intents and purposes. It was clear to see that the animal had been through quite a lot, though. The fluffy mane served to mask the fact that the creature was missing fur in a number of different places. The skin beneath all of these missing patches had also become scaly over the course of time.

The animal was found in an orchard in California. While the animal looked like something out of a horror movie, one woman finally summoned the strength to approach it. A Facebook post began to circulate and animal rescuers showed up on the scene soon after. They would not rest until they found out more about these animals and who they truly were.

As it turns out, the “werewolf” was actually not a werewolf at all. It was a German shepherd who had fallen on hard times. Bowe’s Adoptable Rescue Pups founder Megan Bowe found him initially. From there, she renamed him King and took him to the emergency vet’s office as quickly as she could. This dog would need a lot of help if he was going to survive.

Can you imagine what would have happened if one woman wasn’t brave enough to approach him and share the images on Facebook? We shudder to think. King had scabies, a broken pelvis and a tail that was badly broken. The vet believes that King must have been struck by a car. The injury had taken place so long ago, the dog had started to heal in an incorrect manner.

It took six weeks and a lot of love but King finally started to make a turn for the better. He’s not out of the woods yet, though. In the meantime, Megan is going to show him what life is like when you are loved unconditionally. He now gets to enjoy the life of the average dog and we are beyond happy for him. Please be sure to share his story with your closest friends and loved ones.

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