Whenever you stay at a hotel, place a bag over the bathtub drain and weigh it down with coins

For those of us who have jobs that require us to do a good amount of traveling, staying in hotels is simply a normal part of life that we are forced to endure. It can be tough to navigate this complicated aspect of our existences and when we have to plan our schedules, make trips to and from the airport and navigate said airport? This can create a massive headache for all parties involved.

While the arrival at a hotel room can signify the end of a journey when we are on vacation, the arrival at a hotel room typically means something else for those who are traveling for work purposes. If you dislike the idea of sleeping in a hotel, you are certainly not alone by any stretch of the imagination. There are many who do not enjoy being removed from the comfort of their own routine or being forced to stay away from their loved ones.

Life hacks are the best way to make situations like these more bearable and when you take the time to find out more about this hotel drain hack, you will be shocked that you didn’t think of it sooner. Some of you might be wondering why you would possibly need access to a hack that involves the usage of a hotel tub drain and the answer is even simpler than you might think.

Have you ever found yourself needing to do laundry on the go? Perhaps your best dress shirt has become dirty or maybe you have spilled something on your pants. When this happens, you can either spend the exorbitant sum that the hotel will be more than happy to charge you or you can simply click on the link below to find out more about how you can avoid these annoying expenses.

If you want to find out more about all of the awesome hotel related hacks that will allow you to enjoy a much smoother journey when you are traveling for career purposes, we implore you to watch the clip below in full. Chances are, you are going to make some discoveries that you had not previously considered and find solutions to problems that you may not have thought to be solvable otherwise. Check out these hotel hacks to make your stay more enjoyable:

10. If you are staying at a hotel where they charge you to use the Internet, you can very often use your own phone as a private, personal internet hotspot. Just check with your provider before you head out.

9. Very often your luggage comes equipped with clothing clips inside. You can use these clips to keep your toothbrush elevated and away from potential germs. It’s a great way to stay healthy and avoid getting sick while traveling!

8. During vacation, we all try to avoid doing laundry, but sometimes it’s just gotta get done. If you find yourself with clothes to be washed, put a plastic bag over the sink’s drain and weigh it down with coins to make sure the sink basin fills up enough. Now you’re ready to wash!

7. If you run out of places to power your phone or you left your charger at home, you don’t need to spend money to find a way to charge your phone. Most hotel room TVs will have a spare USB port in the rear that works just fine.

6. If you need a place to change your baby and you don’t want to risk soiling your bedding, you can easily transform a hotel room’s desk into the perfect baby-changing station. Presto! How easy is that?

5. Another lesson for those who are traveling with a baby: dirty diapers can pile up quickly! That’s why you should store them inside of the plastic bag provided for hotel laundry. Just don’t forget to dump it at the end of your stay, or you may not be welcome back.

4. If you are worried about picking up bad smells as you travel, packing loose fabric softener sheets inside of your suitcase can be a smart way to banish horrible aromas once and for all! Chances are, you already have these lying around the house.

3. If you’re a light sleeper, staying in a hotel can be rough. Place a rolled towel along the bottom of your hotel room door to block out annoying and distracting lights and sounds that might disturb your slumber.

2. While most of the curtains in hotel rooms do a great job blocking out the light, that pesky opening where they meet can leak in a lot of unwanted glare from outside. Instead of suffering a sleepless night, use one of their fancy clipping hangers to clip the drapes together.

1. If you need a place to feed the kids inside of your hotel room, than look no further than the in-room ironing board that comes equipped inside of the closest. It’s the perfect solution—and the kids will love it!

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