Dog And Baby Goat Get Caught Having A Snuggle Session Together

Animals have the sort of purity that we should all be striving for in our own lives. They do not allow artificial barriers to stand between them and their friends. The dog and the baby goat in this story are a shining example of this. If you are looking to restore your faith in the world, this is the perfect clip to watch. We are not going to lie, we cannot get enough of these two.

The dynamic duo is serving as a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. Arnold is a baby goat who has had a rough go of things. The baby goat was not wanted because he was born with a birth defect. Since nobody wanted him, he was slated to be put to sleep not long after he was born. The prognosis was grim for this baby goat, unless someone was willing to step forward.

A group of helpful rescuers intervened in the nick of time. The Black Goat Farm And Sanctuary brought him to their facilities and kept him from being euthanized. His legs were the cause of his abandonment and the rescuers worked with him to make sure that they were strengthened. The tendons in the legs became stronger. They also provided Arnold with some helpful splints.

Drake the retriever became a close friend of Arnold’s during the rehab process. Drake and Arnold became snuggle buddies in no time at all. The two love to lay on the couch together and we can definitely relate to this impulse. Arnold tends to experience a great deal of discomfort in his legs. When he’s in pain, all he wants to do to lay around with Drake.

Drake has always accepted Arnold for who he is and refuses to judge him. The other animals at the sanctuary are jealous of their connection. They are now getting in on the fun. Arnold’s legs have even begun to heal as a result of their friendship. Thanks to his stronger legs, he can now be more active than ever before. Now that he is growing, his days as the smaller spoon are numbered.

No matter how old these cuddle buddies are, there is nothing that will stop them from enjoying each other’s company. Our hearts are melting at the mere sight of them. Check out the video below if you would like to find out more about their awesome story!

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