Wildlife Photographers Get Interrupted By Wildlife, And Their Photos Are So Much Better For It

Animal photographers do some of the toughest work of all. They have to spend time in the wild and get close to animals that do not always want them around. But what happens when their photos get disrupted? Here are some of our favorite examples of animal photographers who received some input from their “assistants”…..


The facial expressions here say it all, don’t they?


We can’t stop laughing at this picture. It looks like the big cat is going to give him a great, big smooch.


The innocence on display in this photo is definitely remarkable. Be still, our beating hearts.


At long last, the petter has finally become the pettee.


This woman was blessed to receive a whole set of visitors and we are kind of jealous.


A selfie for the ages, if we do say so ourselves. Say, man, would you mind sending that to our phones?


We can definitely relate to the feeling of being lost out in the tundra….that is for sure.


From the looks of it, this animal is actually going to help the photographer when it comes time to line up the shot.


This is a cozy perch and he does not look like he is ready to come down any time soon.


Can you at least let our buddy here take the picture? Okay, then.


This near kiss has us swooning and we do not care who knows it.


We cannot get enough of this picture and we would also like to know where this photographer managed to find such an awesome hat.


What an amazing sandwich and the look on the photographer’s face is worth more than a thousand words.


Hang this in the Museum of Modern Art as soon as possible….we implore you.


Where is the photographer here? Were they eaten by this animal? We have so many questions that need to be answered.


Yet again, it looks like the photographer has been dispatched of and now the big cat is having some fun with their equipment.


As for this fellow, he is wasting no time helping himself to what looks like a somewhat nutritious snack.


The picture that he is in the process of taking here is something we want to see.


Does he even know that the squirrel is there?


“Where’s your winter hat, boss?”

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