Dog Dressed In An Elephant Costume Has Adorable Routine With Dad

One of our favorite parts of Halloween is seeing all of the people dressed up in their favorite costumes. However, this pales in comparison to the joy that we feel when we see dogs that are all dressed up too. The Halloween spirit strikes when we least expect it and even our four legged friends will find themselves wanting to get in on the action.

The small dog in this story is definitely going to win some hearts this Halloween. Tammy and her dad are not content to merely dress up for the holiday, though. They have a whole routine that they are willing to share with the world as well. We are besides ourselves with joy watching it and we promise that you will be, too. You might even receive some inspiration for your own Halloween celebration.

After all, it is not every day that you get to see a small dog that is dressed in an elephant’s costume. Dog lovers everywhere are charmed by this awesome pet and they are sharing her routine with as many of their friends and loved ones as possible. This is one awesome doggy dad and we are glad to see that he shares such a strong connection with his pup.

This routine took place at a Florida Halloween costume contest and as you might have imagined, Tammy’s big trunk and ears stole the show completely. Some might think that she is staging a protest when she decides that she is not going to keep walking. This is merely the setup to the best part of the routine. This is when her dad is asked to come and “wind her up”.

It is not a refusal and the show is far from over. We do not wish to spoil the rest of this story for our readers but rest assured, this is one routine that you are definitely going to want to check out for yourself. As you might have expected, she was the winner of this contest and we would be hard pressed to think of a a second runner up!

Tammy’s ability to learn this routine definitely drives a stake in the heart of the idea that dogs are not smart. We know some humans out there who would probably struggle to grasp all of these sorts of complexities. Be sure to pass this hilarious and adorable clip along to your friends and loved ones.

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