Rebellious Dog Decides To Get Revenge Seconds After The Vet Leaves The Room

Dogs often come across as being silly or non intelligent creatures. That is because we do not always have the chance to see them in their natural element. A dog that appears to be lazy or aloof may just be relaxing and waiting to strike. Take the dog in this story, for instance. While there are many dogs who are known for being helpful, Pocket is a special breed.

She’s an Akbash. These breeds are known for the level of independence that they have. Pocket is more of a lazy bum, though. She is not looking to spend her days working hard. She is more of the “hardly working” type. This old girl was even sent to guard dog school but she somehow managed to flunk out. We did not even know that it was possible for a dog to flunk out, to be quite honest!

These dogs are made to serve as guard dogs and they are somewhat detached by nature. They are not looking to lay up under a human all day long, that is for sure. Pocket ended up residing at the Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary with a bunch of parrots and other unwanted animals. This Kansas sanctuary became something of a home for her. Some of the parrots have gotten rather close to Pocket.

Bink the pig is also a pal of hers. Nick the cat gets along well with Pocket, too. She is making tons of friends and showing that her aloof nature is not as bad as it seems. Her guard dog instincts come into play during the rarest of moments. She is very attached to the couch and this is the area that she seems to enjoy guarding with the greatest level of furor.

Pocket is the type of dog who is as friendly as can be, as long as she gets to do whatever she wants. This is an understandable impulse and we cannot say that we fail to relate to her. When Pocket had to go to the vet recently, she was offered a treat by the physician who helped her. She believed it was a trick, though!

Instead of bypassing the treat entirely, Pocket decided that she was going to lay in wait. As soon as the vet decided to leave the room, she jumped in and helped herself anyway. What an adorable dog. If you loved her sneaky maneuver as much as we did, please be sure to pass this story along right away.

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