Dog Filmed Running After Man Who Abandoned Him At Shelter

When this Blue Heeler was first dumped off and abandoned, the animal had a very grim prognosis. Unless someone was willing to step in, the dog was not going to survive for long. To make matters worse, the animal was left behind by an owner that they still loved very much. The poor pup even tried to run after the car and catch back up before it was too late.

Hawkins County Humane Society is where the story takes place and the workers were sad to see what had happened. The man who dropped the dog off did so at a time when the shelter was not open. He simply left the dog and drove away. The dog was initially named Rawhide but he has since been given a new name. He is now known to the world as Toby and that is a better name for him in our opinion.

Poor Toby was pushed away and forgotten about but this was not the end for him. Taylor was the perfect mother for the dog. She had spent plenty of time with him prior to adoption and was ready to provide him with the home that he needed. In fact, she also had 2 Blue Heelers at her farm already and this offered Toby the chance to make some brand new friends as quickly as possible.

There are also nine horses at the farm and dozens of cows. While the shelter had received a wide range of applications for the dog, they knew deep down that Taylor was the one who should be bringing him home. Once he arrived at the farm, the dog was in absolute heaven. Toby may have received some poor treatment in the past but he was not going to let these circumstances change him.

He took to his commands very well and is said to be a very well behaved dog. Toby has become a member of the family now. According to Taylor, he is completely unwilling to leave her side when she takes him out for walks around the property. Perhaps this is a remnant of his troubled past? We are just glad to see him finally being able to enjoy life.

Would you like to see Toby in action at his new digs? Of course you would. That is why we are here to provide you with this awesome video clip. Be sure to take a closer look and pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones while you are at it as well!

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