Woman Adopts A Tiny Kitten That Turns Into One Of The Biggest Cats In The World

Omar is a cat who resides in Australia. When pet owners first take their babies, there are a number of unexpected occurrences and features. Omar’s features happen to be a bit more obvious than most animals are. Stephy Hirst is his mother. She first took him home when he was just a little baby. At this point in time, he was the same size as any other cat.

There were a few hints about his impending growth spurt, though. Omar had a very long tail from the time he was young and a huge set of ears. All the better to hear you with, my dear!

He’s a Maine Coon cat, so Stephy expected him to be fairly sizable. She and her boyfriend never could have expected what would happen next, however. He’s grown to become quite the big boy.

He’s large, even by the standards of his breed. It only took about a year for Stephy to realize that the projections were all wrong. Can you believe that the vet’s office told her that he would grow to weigh 19 pounds? He dwarfed that by the time he was just a year old. While he was a heavy cat, he was certainly not overweight. He’s just a solidly built cat.

Some might even call him big boned! As the days passed, Omar grew and grew and grew. He’s already reached the 30 pound mark and is just shy of four feet long. Omar is about the same size as a medium dog.

He lives a life like any other cat, though. His owners feed him early in the morning, he spends his days lounging in the backyard and he even enjoys some delicious kangaroo meat.

What kind of Australian would he be otherwise? Kangaroo meat happens to be his favorite dish. Perhaps this is the secret to his growth spurt. His humans let him lounge wherever he likes but there is just one rule: he cannot be on the bed. He takes up way too much room! He’s been given a number of cozy spots to spend his time in the interim.

Now, Omar has his own Instagram page. He’s already amassed well over 100,000 followers. Once his mother saw how popular he was, she knew that he had become an online celebrity. Guinness World Records personnel came to measure the cat and realized that he was the longest feline in the world. Barivel the cat (who resides in Italy) would soon steal his title. Omar’s not stressed. Stephy loves him at any size!

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