Woman Banned From Having Pets After Her Dog Burns Paws On Hot Pavement

There are a number of people out there who simply should not own dogs. These folks are constantly making life miserable for their pets and it irks to no end. Stories like these give us faith, though. Seeing people have their pet ownership privileges revoked makes us realize that there are some out there who still care in the same way that we do.

“This poor dog has been walked from at least Fort Brockhurst to Anns Hill on feet ripped to shreds, cut on her neck and massively dehydrated to the point her temp is so high she was close to fitting! With help from others at the scene, we got her in our car and she is now safe at the vet on oxygen and fluids.” – Good Samaritan on Facebook.

Take the British woman in this story, for instance. Her dog was suffering immensely until some bystanders finally intervened. It was a very hot day and the dog’s paws were being scorched by the pavement. She did not care at all, though. Luckily, some bystanders finally intervened and made sure that the dog got the help that they needed before it was too late.

“Throughout the whole thing the woman didn’t see any problem or show any remorse or concern and even had the nerve to tell me, ‘It’s nothing to do with you go away!’”

Kitty Karna is a German shepherd who deserves better. Her mother Lesley did not care about her struggles with the heat. Now, she will never be able to harm another dog in the same way. The necessary steps were taken and her rights to pet ownership are now revoked. If only more people were given the same sort of punishment for treating their animals this poorly.

The poor animal was found with bloody paws and had passed out from heat exposure. Lesley was confronted by the bystanders before the dog was taken from her and brought to a vet’s office. They wanted to make sure that this woman never had a chance to hurt her again. We commend them for their efforts. She was provided with fluids and oxygen upon arrival and the vets did their absolute best to help her out.

Image Source: Spotted Gosport & Fareham

The RSPCA has also gotten involved. Can you believe that this woman had the audacity to tell people that it was none of their business? News flash, lady: it is everyone’s business! The courts have since upheld the ban and she will have five long years to think about what she has done. It should have been a lifetime ban, to be perfectly honest.

“I have reported to RSPCA – please share and share so she doesn’t get the poor creature back if she survives!”

“Thankfully the kind people who saw her suffering rushed to her aid and took her to the vet where she was treated and deemed to be suffering,” Ride said in Portsmouth Magistrates Court, according to Metro UK.

Five years is a good start, though. The dog did not survive this ordeal, despite the best efforts of the vet’s office. In addition to being banned from pet ownership, this woman will also have to pay all of the court costs associated with the case and complete at least 80 hours of community service. Please share this story to spread awareness. It is high time for dog owners to stop allowing their pets to suffer during the summer months.

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