Woman Buys Egg From A Restaurant And Hatches Into A Pet Who Becomes Her BFF

It wasn’t all that long ago that people didn’t consider pets other than dogs and cats. Today, however, they may have any number of different types of animals in their home. That includes one woman, who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She decided to bring an unusual animal into her home, a duck named Daisy.

39-year-old Erica Lim visited a Vietnamese restaurant in Puchong. They sell balut, which is a snack that is a precooked, fertilized egg. This is a rather controversial practice in Southeast Asia that involves boiling the developing bird embryo before eating it from the shell.

Erica decided to purchase some of the fertilized eggs and incubate them rather than cook them. She used a homemade incubator and two weeks later, a duckling hatched. The pet duck was given the name Daisy.

Remember when Joey and Chandler had the duck and chick as pets on Friends? This might have made you wonder about keeping a pet duck in your home.

A woman in Malaysia decided to try so she bought fertilized duck eggs. They are used for making balut but she decided to incubate them.

Erica Lim used some heat lamps and a styrofoam box to make her own incubator. She put the eggs in and hoped for the best. She had tried unsuccessfully to do so in the past.

She saw some success 2 weeks later when a tiny beak started poking through one egg.

The egg hatched successfully. Another hatched but the duck didn’t make it.

Erica welcomed a duck into the family that day. She named it Daisy and calls the duck Bibit as a nickname.

Daisy still stayed warm near the heat lamp until her feathers came in.

The two bonded quickly and they spend their days together.

Daisy enjoys watching TV and she snuggles with her mom in a blanket.

She doesn’t mind getting dressed up either!

Like any Duck, Daisy loves to splash in the water. She can often be seen taking a swim in the tub.

Ducklings only stay tiny for so long and they grow up quickly. Within a few months, Daisy looked like a full grown duck.

Daisy now gives the family an egg every 25 hours. They share the eggs with family and friends.

Today, Daisy is 2 years old and Erica hopes to share their adventures with others to let them know how much fun it is to have a pet duck.

Source: Daisy Duck / Instagram

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