Woman Gives Birth That Leaves Doctors Baffled: ‘Happens 1 In 4.7 Billion Births’

A woman in the Diyali Province of eastern Iraq has given birth to seven babies, 6 girls and one boy. It occurred in a single, natural birth.

It is thought that this is the first time a septuplet birth has occurred in the country of Iraq. The children are described as being in ‘perfect condition’ and the mother is doing well after the birth.

The children were all provided with medical checks after the birth and images show the babies lying next to each other adorably.

The mother hasn’t been identified but it is known that she is 25 years old. A spokesman for the local health department, Firas Al Izzawi confirmed that it was a natural birth and that the mother was ‘perfectly healthy’ after giving birth to multiple children.

A woman in Lebanon gave birth to sextuplets last year with an even split of three boys and three girls. All the babies survived and were able to go home to join the family, which already included four other children.

Pic shows: The 25-year-old mum gave birth to one boy and 6 girls IRAQ: A new mother is in good health after giving birth to septuplets and the children are said to be in a perfect condition after the remarkable birth.

The father, Youssef Fadl said that they are not considering any more children, which is probably wise, considering they have 10 children already.

Sian Williams, 31, and her partner Aaron Palfrey also did something amazing last year when they had identical triplets. The odds of doing so are one in 200 million. The three little girls, Jorgie, Olivia and Belle are doing well.

Sian said: “I was excited to be having one baby, but in the scan the doctor picked up two heart beats and then a third one. One little egg had created three miracles.

“The doctors told us they were identical and the odds of that happening without fertility drugs was one in 200 million.

“We were completely speechless and stunned. At our 15-week scan we found out we were expecting three girls.”

The mother Ethan came up with a unique way to tell the daughters apart. She is painting their toenails different colors.

Sian added: “It is pure bliss watching them grow. Of course it’s hard work but we love every minute of it.

“We’ve swapped our Mercedes for a sensible family Land Rover – it is much easier to fit in three baby car seats.” Sensible decision.

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