You Can Now Buy Microwavable Slippers To Keep Your Feet Warm And Cozy This Winter

This winter has brought some exceptionally cold weather to many parts of the United States. Between the Polar Vortex and massive snow storms, people have been dealing with some miserable weather.

If you happen to live in one of those areas that is being hammered by the frigid weather, there are few options. Most people just stay indoors and crank up the heat to the highest level they can afford.

There is now something else you can do to keep yourself nice and comfortable this winter and it doesn’t put a huge dent in your wallet. Are you ready for this? I’m talking about microwavable slippers.

An online retailer is now offering the ultimate in comfort with these unique slippers. All you need to do is put them in the microwave and zap them for a few seconds. Before you know it, your feet will be warm and happy.

What could be better than warm slippers? Scented, warm slippers, perhaps?

“Not only will they make your tootsies super toasty, but the boots will release a serene, soothing lavender scent, to get them in the mood for an evening of snuggle and chill!” read the description on the website.

The word is out on these heatable slippers and people are rushing to buy them. They are selling out quickly.

If you aren’t into the scented feet thing, you might want to try searching Amazon for scent-free microwavable booties.

Keeping your feet warm is not all about the comfort. It also offers some unique health benefits.

As a result of keeping your feet warm, your blood vessels dilate. Thanks to this ‘vasodilation’ process, your body opens the blood vessels in the hands and feet so that heat is distributed through the body equally.

When your body temperature is off for an extended period of time, your body can be very uncomfortable. That is why people who have problems getting adequate sleep because of cold feet are often told to wear socks to bed.

The bottom line is, these slippers will do more than keep your feet warm. They will keep your body warm and lower your energy bill at the same time.


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