Woman Claims Her Dog Is A Vegetarian And Her Dog Had Something To Say About It On Live TV

The woman in this story has found herself on the butt end of the joke lately. Once you find out why, you will probably want to join in with all of the others who have made similar observations. It all started when she began to claim that her dog was a vegan. She was not content to merely share this story with her closest friends and loved ones. She decided to take the dog on television.

They visited a UK breakfast program known as This Morning. This is where the claim was finally going to be put to the test. Storm the Siberian husky would get to come on television and prove his mother right about her claims of an all vegan diet. Anyone who has actually spent time with dogs was probably skeptical and as it turns out, they were correct.

According to Storm’s mother, it all started when she gave the dog some vegetables to eat. When the dog took to them more than she expected, she altered the dog’s diet and he became a vegan. Two bowls were placed in front of Storm. The dog was given the chance to choose between meat and vegetables. The results, as you would expect, were priceless.

Storm went right for the meat. His mother might have been hoping that he would eat some of the vegetables, too. At least that would have let her save some face. Instead, Storm decided to truly rub her nose in her awful opinion. He started eating the meat and noticed that there was a second bowl. He stopped eating to approach this bowl.

Once he realized that there were only vegetables in there, he was turned off almost immediately. The worst part of this story is that the family Storm comes from is not even vegan! They eat plenty of meat and simply decided to make this poor pup the guinea pig for some sort of pseudo intellectual experiment. We hope they gave him a nice, big steak after the show.

If you would like to learn more about the vegan lifestyle and whether it is right for your pet, please be sure to check out the video below. People should not be placing their pets on these sorts of diets and they are typically not good for dogs. Please, let’s all stop these sorts of charades and allow our pets to consume the foods that they actually like!

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