Man Throws Dog Out Of His Car And Speeds Away. Dog Sprints After Him, But Then Collapses

When Dion found himself running late for work one morning, he did not become worried or afraid. Instead, he elected to go with the flow. Because of this decision, he was able to change the life of one awesome dog who was experiencing quite the ordeal. His tardiness turned out to be a great thing for this dog and you are about to find out why.

This story took place in Michigan. Dion was on his way to work when he saw the most ridiculously cruel thing. A man had decided that he did not want his dog anymore and instead of doing right by the creature, he tossed him out of the vehicle. The poor dog did not know what to do. The animal decided that he would chase after the car that just ditched him.

Dion’s wife was appalled by what took place. Danielle wanted the world to know what her husband had seen. She took to Facebook and wrote a post in hopes that this dirt bag would see it. We commend her for being willing to call out this kind of behavior. As it turns out, the dog would not even go with Dion when he tried to help him.

The pup was simply too afraid. He hid by the woods and waited for his owner to come back. He was still there when Dion returned to the same spot after work to look for him. This level of loyalty would be beautiful if it were not so sad. After a few attempts at capturing the dog did not go well, a group was able to come together and convince the pup to come with them.

How heartbreaking is this story? This dog was so loyal to the person that abandoned them that they were willing to wait by the woods forever. Dion and Danielle eventually brought the dog home and Danielle says that he is as sweet and loving as they come. Her Facebook post took the man who threw the dog out of the window to task and we hope that this scumbag gets his just desserts.

Anyone who would behave in such a manner must not have a soul. There are too many people out there who would be happy to care for a dog that is in need. Why would someone choose to do this? It is lazy behavior and it is demonic behavior. Let’s hope that this man is eventually caught and forced to face the music for what he has done to this poor pup.

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