Woman Crashes Her Car Because She Saw A Spider

This is one of easiest stories to relate to. A New York woman recently crashed her automobile and when you find out why, you will have no chance but to nod your head in solidarity. The photos of this car wreck are something else, aren’t they? You would be forgiven for thinking that a deer must have run out in front of her car before the accident took place.

The Cairo, New York police department shared the photo on their Facebook feed recently. Of course, it received a fair amount of attention. People wanted to know what had happened.

That is just the rubbernecker in all of us. The driver went into a blind panic when they happened to catch a glimpse of a spider who happened to be riding shotgun at the time.

They freaked out and crashed the vehicle into a barrier made of stone. The car was smashed up and the driver also experienced a leg injury. There is no word on the status of the spider, however.

We bet that the pesky little bugger was able to scamper away without so much as a scratch. The cops referred to this aspect of the accident as a ‚Äúcontributing factor that is not covered too often”.

From the looks of it, this woman is not the only one to lose her mind and crash her car because they found a spider inside. Drivers are now being urged to fight their fears. There is no reason to panic. If you are afraid of spiders and happen to see one inside of your car while driving, please pull over to a safe area immediately. This is a very important message.

Some may be find this story humorous but we are glad that no one was seriously injured as a result of this accident. This woman may have only injured herself in this accident but the results could have been much worse. We would love to know what this spider actually looked like. Our guess is that it must have been quite sizable.

Accidents like these are not as chuckle worthy as some may think. While the officers who tended to the woman involved in this accident were able to see the lighter side, there are other motorists on the road to consider. If a spider (or a different scary bug) happens to reveal themselves during a routine road trip, please be sure to pull over and remain calm.

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