Neglected German Shepherd Dog Experiences Love For The First Time In His Life

Tucker is a German shepherd who has had a very rough go of things in life. Like many animals, he was left to fend for himself because no one seemed to want him. When he first arrived at this shelter, it was clear to see that he did not trust humans anymore. He had too many bad experiences with them to mention. Tucker had also not been fed in weeks.

The dog was severely emaciated and the shelter knew that they had to help him immediately. Tucker was still a responsive dog, although he was rather quiet when he first arrived. This is a natural reaction that dogs go through when they first arrive at a new shelter. All of the noise and barking can make an animal nervous. He would need time to adjust.

Tucker was also suffering from a wide range of ailments. The dog’s paws and ears were infected. His skin was in terrible condition and most of his fur had fallen out. He was also bleeding when he first arrived. The animal rescue service staff wanted to make sure that he got all of the help that he needed. That’s why they contacted the Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort.

They took him to their vet’s office, so that he could receive immediate care. A YouCaring appeal was set up. Their supporters were more than willing to rally behind this neglected dog. Tucker was given a foster family to live with in the meantime. Thanks to their efforts, his condition slowly started to improve. He put weight back on and his fur began to grow back.

Tucker started to place his trust in the foster family. They showed him the kindness that he had never received anywhere else. Within a few months, the dog was given a forever home to reside in. He’s got a family to spend time with and even a sister to run around the yard with. Tucker is still in the healing process but things are looking up.

This is the sort of happy ending that we could get used to seeing more often. If Tucker’s story touched your heart like it did ours, please take a moment to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. We hope that these stories start to become less and less commonplace in the future. No dogs deserve to live in such an awful way, especially not a dog as kind and sweet as Tucker.

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