Woman Gets Locked Out Of Her Own Car By Her Dog

This is the story of a woman who got locked out her car. Some might be saying that this is not noteworthy information. After all, people lock themselves out of their cars on an everyday basis, right? Why would we care now? Wait until you find out who the culprit was, though. It was none other than her pet pug. Pete the pug is his name and he’s got a funny story to tell.

This woman was locked out of her car outside of her own house. As it turns out, Pete the pug does not know how to unlock the car once he decides to lock it. The American Automobile Association was contacted and the woman was finally let back into her car. Of course, the fact that she was not actually stranded did not help matters. She had to wait three hours for help to arrive.

The woman’s son felt it necessary to capture the entire event for us. Thanks to Nick’s efforts, we are now able to learn more about this hilarious occurrence. Nick seems to be fairly amused by what has taken place and is not at all surprised. The screenshots that he shared from his text conversation with his mother have us dying of laughter already.

Of course, it did not take long for the tweets that Nick provided on the matter to go viral. Who wouldn’t want to laugh at something that is this ridiculous? The picture of the dog sitting inside of the car is what is really making us scream with laughter. Pete does not even seem to care about what he did. His facial expression says it all. He is over it completely.

All Pete wants is to head back inside and for everyone else to stop making such a fuss. He does not have any idea what the problem is. Why can’t Mom just open the door and get back into the car? Since his mother’s phone was also stuck in the car with Pete, she was forced to send her son texts from her iPad. We cannot get over just how funny this predicament is.

While it is not clear how this dilemma got resolved, we trust that Mom and Pete are now safe and sound. We understand that some might have said to break the window but what about the dog? All of that flying glass might have hurt the poor little fellow. Please be sure to pass this one along.

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