Dog Convinces Visitor To Play Fetch With Him Through The Door

James Reynolds is a plumber from England who was recently called out for a typical job. What happened when he arrived was totally unexpected, though. Things took quite the turn but we are going to suspect that James was not too upset, though. When he first knocked on the door, no one was there to answer. At this time, he started to notice a rustling curtain.

Once he looked down, he was stunned. The dog had stuck its head through the bottom of the door. The cat flap allowed the animal to greet the plumber and what happened from there is somewhat predictable. James knew that he was on the verge of getting roped into quite the game. The dog wanted to play. It was his responsibility to answer the call.

James gave him a quick pet and once the dog came back, he had a ball for his new pal. The implication was a simple one: it is time to play, buddy. The dog was waiting all day for someone to come along and now they finally had the perfect friend. From there, the two decided to play an impromptu game. The dog was looking for someone to play fetch and James was just the guy for the job.

He was worried that he would look strange if the homeowner came along while they were playing. But he also worried that he would be letting his new friend down. Best of all, he decided to record this game of fetch so that we would have the chance to see it for ourselves. What a selfless guy. James took time out of his day to play with a dog and show us the end results.

Finally, the customer came home and saw what they were doing. Of course, James was worried that he had been caught in the middle of doing something he wasn’t supposed to. Much to his relief, the owner let him know right away that this was not a problem. This is something that the dog does all of the time! James finally went inside and got the chance to enjoy a more proper introduction.

If this video made you laugh as hard as we did, please be sure to share away. We cannot stop laughing at how clever this dog is. Poor James says that he wishes he could have spent his whole day playing with his new friend. Maybe one day he will have to come back to this house and he can have another chance to play fetch with his new homeboy.

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