Woman Gets Slapped With Criminal Charges For Letting Her Cat Lounge Outside On The Front Lawn

Milo the cat just wanted to lay outside in the sun and relax. Instead, his owner is getting cited with criminal charges.

Kate Anderson from Murray, Utah recently let little Milo outside to nap in the sun in the front of their garden.

Milo is a beautiful ginger tabby who is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and well-behaved. Like many other felines, Milo is an indoor/outdoor cat who likes to go where be pleases.

On this particular day, little Milo was just minding his business, snoozing outside, when an anonymous passerby – possibly one of the neighbors – took of photo of him and sent it to animal control, all unbeknownst to Kate.

It was long after, that an animal control officer came knocking on Kate’s door.

At first Kate panicked, thinking something tragic had happened to her beloved Milo. Instead, she was shocked to find that she was being issued a citation, which carried the weight of two misdemeanor charges! And it was all down to that anonymous phone call.

Milo was being treated “like a fugitive or bank robber,” all because of an old Murray city ordinance that was enacted way back in 1963.

Naturally, Kate was shocked to learn that Milo’s innocent sunny day nap was illegal.  

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