Woman Gives Birth to Twins From Different Fathers

There are certain things in life that we hold to be true, including the fact that twins come from a single father. That fact is about to be changed, however when you hear this story of fraternal twins that were born from separate dads and the most unusual part is that both fathers are perfectly fine with the birth.

Simon and Graeme Berney-Edwards used in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to be the genetic parents of their children. This gay couple donated sperm to be implanted into an anonymous donor egg and then the egg was implanted into a surrogate.

Typically, a few eggs are implanted to ensure that at least one survives. In the case of these two men, however, two of the eggs survived, giving each of them the chance to be a father.

The couple was thrilled with the results. They are both planning on bringing up the twins and one is genetically tied to each of the men.

This wasn’t the easiest thing for them to do. They are from England and they would have had a lot of paperwork to get to this point and to register the children as theirs. The problems occurred from the surrogate and donor egg, as the surrogate would be the legal parent for a minimum of 6 months after birth.

In order to get things to go smoothly, they found Meg Stone in Canada. They had to accept that the children would be born out of the country and they flew to LA to start the IVF procedure.

They were looking forward to having one child but were thrilled when they learned that twins were a part of the pregnancy. They now have a daughter and son, Alexa and Calder. They also stay in touch with Meg.

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