Hole In Lake Sparks Curiosity, So Man Flies Drone Inside & Captures Breathtaking Footage

If you live in California, you realize just how severe the drought was. It changed last winter, however, when enough rain fell that parts of the state are no longer under drought conditions. This includes the areas of Northern California and in the Sierra Nevadas. After years of struggling, reservoirs and lakes are finally filled to the max.

Napa is one of the areas of California that received a lot of rain. The area is a popular tourist destination but much of the beautiful land was drying up, including the 7th largest man-made lake in California, Lake Berryessa.

One of the notable features of Lake Berryessa is near the 304-foot dam. It is the ‘Glory Hole’ spillway and when the lake is full, it is beautiful to see.

The problem is, more than a decade has passed since enough water was in the lake for the glory hole to be in use.

When January and February brought loads of rain to the area, it was able to fill the lake in a few days and the glory hole was back in business.

The hole is 72 feet across at the opening and it narrows to 28 feet as it gets closer to pouring out into Putah Creek

Evan K, a YouTuber captured drone footage of the Glory Hole so everyone could get a good look at it. The effect is very powerful and it shows something we haven’t seen in a long time.

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