Woman Is Seeking Advice After Husband Repeatedly Body Shames Her In Front Of Daughter

Although there are many sensitive topics, it seems that body image is one that is near the top of the list for many women. That being said, it seems that some people are all too quick to throw an insult in the wrong direction. One woman had this experience when her husband repeatedly said things about her weight so she shared her frustrations on Reddit.

She posted that she is a 5’1″ woman who weighed 100 pounds when she was first married to her husband but after 6 years, she is now 125 pounds. She didn’t ask him to give his opinion about her weight or body but it’s obvious from her post that he had a lot to say. Here is just part of the post from Reddit:

“-It’s like you’ve lost the weight everywhere except for your hips. It’s very noticeable from behind. I’ll even take a photo and show you so you can see for yourself how fat your ass is.

-I’m just motivating you to lose weight. Who else is going to tell you that you’re fat?

-He even has a game he plays with our three-year old-daughter: ‘Who’s the tall one?’ – her: ‘daddy’ ‘Who’s the cute one?’ – ‘me!’ ‘Who’s the fat one?’ – ‘mommy!!’ and they both laugh at me. okay haha very funny.”

She said that his claim is that he is concerned about her health but nobody on Reddit is buying it. People are up in arms over his comments and feel that he is even damaging their daughter with comments that could eventually lead to an eating disorder.

A consensus of the 5,000+ comments says that he is being abusive. They told her to leave if he keeps up the abuse and doesn’t learn how to be respectful. In addition, they let her know that her current weight is average for her height.

We are left in the dark as to whether any further progress has been made but the people on Reddit are saying that she should either stand up for herself or drop him like a hot potato.

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