Woman Moved And Left Her Dogs In Cages On The Sidewalk Next To The Trash

Sometimes, life can come at you fast. This is a lesson that one woman from Barstow had to learn the hard way. She was evicted from her evidence one day and decided to throw away all of her stuff. When she left her possessions out on the curb, she also elected to leave her dogs along with them. The two dogs were left to sit outside in a wire cage until someone could pick them up.

The animals were terrified. They had no idea why they no longer had a home. They were baffled by this turn of events and understandably so. She did not even provide the dogs with food or water before abandoning them. We understand that times are hard but this is ridiculous. No animal should ever be left outside to fend for themselves like this.

A Good Samaritan came along and saw the puppies before it was too late. They took time out to alert Allen Boartfield to the situation as well. As a Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue volunteer, he could not allow the animals to suffer like this. Once he arrived at the home, he decided that he would give these dogs perfect new names: Treasure and Catch.

Catch was cautious initially but Treasure took to Allen right away. Catch was not about to let anyone mess with his sister and he even nipped at Allen to keep him at bay. The two were hopelessly attached and would need to be kept next to each other at all times. The dogs were taken to Camino Pet Hospital in Irvine for further assistance.

Catch and Treasure were okay, for the most part. Catch had caught a cold and Treasure needed some treatment for her matted down fur. Now that she has been given a bath, she is a much happier animal and it shows in how she treats others. Her tail is always wagging and she is always smiling. People can approach her with no fear. Catch is still in the recovery process.

One thing is for sure: these two are definitely going to need a new forever home….preferably one where they are never going to be in danger of an eviction. We are putting the word out right now. They are a package deal and will need to be adopted together. We wish them all of the best going forward!

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