Woman Reaches Top Of The Escalator And Is Met By A Flash Mob Of Sultry Dirty Dancing Routine

What comes to your mind when you think of dancing? We all have different ideas, but some of us may envision disco moves while others may envision simply tapping your toes to the beat of the music. More than likely, you feel at ease dancing when you are getting ready for work in the morning but when you step into the limelight, it is a different story.

That isn’t the case for these two dancers who are quite different in their idea of what dancing truly is. They don’t even need a dance floor, all they need is a busy shopping center. Recently, they did a dirty dancing style routine that caught people’s attention from one side of the plaza to the other.

They didn’t announce their visit in advance by posting flyers, they just showed up and started dancing. They wanted to provide a show for the shoppers and the best way to do so was a surprise performance. They quietly worked their way around the center courtyard and when the music was ready, they met hand-in-hand in the middle of the makeshift dance floor.

The shoppers had no idea what was coming. Before long, they started in the Dirty Dancing routine to ‘Time of My Life’.

They did it all, including every twist, turn the big lift at the end. And they certainly have a lot of talent and it didn’t take long before a crowd started to form. Everyone was coming together to see what these talented dancers had up their sleeve.

By the time the routine was over, a significant crowd was on hand to see it. They broke out into a thunderous applause because of the skill of these dancers.

We are happy that one of the spectators shot a video of the performance and then posted it online so everybody could watch. Since it has gone online, it has also gone viral with thousands of people viewing it worldwide within just a matter of minutes. Many of the comments were similar to the experience of those who were in the shopping center that day, pure joy and surprise.

You can take a look at their incredible surprise routine in this video:

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