Christmas ‘Saran Wrap Ball’ Party Game Has Families Rolling With Laughter

Do you want to take your Christmas party to the next level? We have an option that is just too good to ignore.

Not only is it loads of fun, but it is also super affordable because the only thing you need are party favors and some plastic wrap.

The game is known as the ‘Saran Wrap Ball’ and it is similar to other fun party games, such as pass the parcel and Hot Potato. Of course, it includes a few twists that make it loads of fun.

There are some rules available (and we will share them) but it is easy to modify them to go along with your own party crowd. You can even make the rules more difficult to make it more challenging.

You will need a roll of plastic wrap to get started but you will also need the following:

A pair of six-sided dice

Party favors to stuff inside the plastic wrap (small toys, candy, gift cards, coins, and just about anything that will fit inside the ball will do)

Oven mitts or mittens (optional)

Get everyone who is playing into a large circle. It works best if you are sitting around a table or if you sit together on the floor.

The first player begins unwrapping the ball and the player to the right starts rolling the dice.

You can watch the game in this video:

The player rolling the dice will continue to roll until they get doubles. At that point, the dice and the plastic wrap ball are both passed to the right. The person who was just rolling the dice will begin unwrapping the ball and the player to their right will start rolling the dice.

If there are any prizes exposed when you unwrap the ball, they are yours to keep. That’s the only rules that are necessary to play the game. It’s a race to see who gets the most prizes and it can be a fast-paced game that is loads of fun.

If you want to make it a little more challenging, try making the player who is unwrapping the ball wear oven mitts or mittens. It will make things a lot more interesting.

You can use any type of plastic wrap but using the ‘Press and Seal’ variety makes it more difficult.

When you make the ball, it is also a good idea to put something special in the middle. That makes the game even more fun as you continue to play. Some people include a $10 bill or a gift card to encourage people to work hard to get to the middle. You can always go with something cheaper, such as candy.

If you are feeling particularly evil, you can use a blindfold for the person unwrapping the ball. Just don’t blame us if the game gets out of control.

People are showing videos of this popular game on social media and it has become a very popular part of family get-togethers. Why not make it a part of your next party? Your guests will love it!

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