Woman Sick Of Drivers Flying By Stopped School Buses Works With Police To Catch Them In The Act

There are so many driving rules that people will typically choose not to follow and this never ceases to amaze us. The rules have been put into place for a reason, people. When a school bus is stopped, drivers are supposed to wait. Instead, there are a number of drivers who think nothing of continuing to drive anyways. Monica Douglas of Pasco County finally had enough.

She decided that she was going to do something about these scofflaw drivers before an innocent child got hurt. Who knows how many lives she has saved with her proactive behavior? Florida Highway 19 was full of drivers who neglected the rules…until she came along. She took her camera along for the ride and started to record all of the law breakers herself.

From there, she showed her findings to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department and they decided to intervene. This is one smart woman. She knew that she would need hard evidence before the law would be on her side about this one. Monica’s initiative is enviable. So many of us wish that we could be more helpful to our surroundings and she is living out our dreams.

The drivers wrongfully assumed that Monica was the only line of defense. When she showed up to continue her recording, the drivers kept right on going. Little did they know that the police were waiting for them right around the corner. Monica celebrated her triumph and she was glad to know that the children would be kept safe from these reckless drivers.

There is definitely a lesson to be learned here and it is a rather simple one: traffic laws are to be obeyed. They are not a mere suggestion and they should never, ever be treated as such. We hope that these drivers realize that Monica’s actions were not meant to get them into trouble. She was doing what she felt was right and we support her 100 percent.

Tragedies are often avoidable and it takes a special citizen to help their fellow motorists to steer clear (literally and figuratively). No one wants to be responsible for injuring a small child. Don’t bet on your ability to see a tiny person walking in the road. Play it safe and stay put. Do it for the sake of the children, would you please? It is for their good and your own.

Don't pass the stopped bus

STOP FOR THE BUS OR ELSE!: A woman was sick of watching cars fly past the bus that stops in front of her house so she took action. STORY: https://tinyurl.com/y7yj37mw

Posted by FOX 5 / Fox5NY.com on Thursday, November 15, 2018

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