Mom Follows Her Complaining Husky Around The House And Hilariously Discovers What He Wants

Trying to figure out exactly what our pets are vexed about is such a fun guessing game, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like trying to figure out the complaints of an animal that cannot actually voice their opinion. Zeus is a stubborn pup who loves to carry on when he does not get his way. If he wants something, he lets his mother know immediately.

Zeus spends this video complaining and the results are hysterical. He comes into his mother’s office and lets her know that he is in need of something. What that is, we do not know. She has already let him out so that is not it. She follows him outside of her office to check on the status of his food and water dishes. Those are full and not the source of the problem.

So what is this dog’s deal, then? As it turns out, his concerns are not that dire at all. He’s gotten his exercise and he has plenty to eat and drink. Like most dogs, Zeus likes to think that he is entitled to certain things. This is a common occurrence with most pooches. In this case, he is looking straight at the drawer that contains all of his treats.

His mother knows good and well that she should not feed into this sort of behavior. She should really stand her ground and not allow herself to be bullied. Unfortunately, this adorable pooch has a way of pleading with his eyes. Eventually, Mom gives in and lets Zeus have another treat. This sets a dangerous precedent but we are sure that they will be okay.

If you would like to check out this dog’s antics for yourself, the video below will give you the chance to do so. All pet owners can definitely relate to this one. Who doesn’t have a dog that is always hungry for treats. They are just like children in that sense, except these fur babies do not want dessert. They simply want their favorite snacks.

These types of clips are best enjoyed in a group setting, though. Be sure to pass this video along to your friends, loved ones or even your group chat (come on, everyone has one). We hope to see more clips of Zeus in the future and we wish him the best of luck when it comes to all of his treat scrounging endeavors to come.

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