Woman Shocked To Discover Her Adopted Great Dane Has 70 Teeth

Adopting a dog instead of buying a dog is always a good choice. However, the only downside to adopting is you don’t always know what kind of health problems you’re getting with the dog.

Aurora Rutledge, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, ended up with a $770 vet bill two months after adopting Loki, her 1-year-old Great Dane. She took him to the vets after discovering she had 70 teeth – approximately 28 teeth more than normal for the breed. Both Aurora and her vet were shocked by the discovery.

As a result, Loki had to have 21 teeth removed. He’s now back at home recovering on a soft food diet.

Aurora, a 31-year-old bar owner, said, “I had taken him to our local vet as a routine check up since he was a new rescue and mentioned to the doctor that the people we got him from mentioned that he may have retained baby teeth. Loki is a giant puppy and is very energetic – so I hadn’t had a chance to look inside his mouth myself beforehand.”

“When we did get a chance to have a little look we could see he had more than normal, but we didn’t think he’d have 70 teeth in there!” she added, “The vet administered dental extraction onto Loki and removed 21 of his teeth, leaving him with 49 – which is still seven more than average.”

“It was something that massively shocked us, but we’re just so glad that he is home and recovering now,” Aurora stated.

Aurora explained that Loki was was diagnosed with an extreme case of hyperdontia.

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