Woman With Two Wombs Gives Birth To Baby Boy Then Twins 26 Days Later

Recently in the world of the bizarre, a woman in Bangladesh has given birth to three children within a month. 20-year-old Arifa Sultana, was unaware that she had been born with two wombs. In February, she gave birth to a baby boy, and then weeks later on the 22nd of March, she had a set of twins.

Doctors has been unable to detect the two separate pregnancies, as Sultana had not had an ultrasound prior to the first delivery. A couple weeks after she gave birth to her son, Sultana found herself once again seeking care in a hospital due to abdominal pain. Unsure of the cause, doctors performed an ultrasound and it was discovered that she was pregnant with twins: a boy and a girl.

The rare condition that Sultana has is known as uterus didelphys, which causes a woman to develop two separate uteruses. OB-GYN Dr. S. Basu from New Delhi explained that the uterus is typically formed from two tubes that fuse together. However, when the process is incomplete, a divided or double uterus can develop. In some cases women can even have two cervixes and/or two vaginas. Many women who have this condition may not know it, but in some cases symptoms will appear through heavy menstrual bleeding, or premature labor.

Sultana had an emergency C-section with her twins, and it’s reported that both babies and Sultana are doing well. Sultana and her husband live in a rural area, and were thankful that she experienced no health complications, although they are a little concerned about how they will care for three babies at once. The family was allowed to leave the hospital this week.

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