Woman Writes Heartbreaking Post Warning Dog Owners About Algae

Dog owners who are looking to keep their pets safe this summer will want to make sure that they read on to learn more. Yunue Moore and her dog Clue were out for a stroll one day when disaster struck. They were enjoying a Mother’s Day walk through Anderson Lake State Park at the time. Little did they know what was about to happen next. This park offers no shortage of walking paths.

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When this family was out for their stroll, they believed that they were in a safe and dry place. However, this was a trail that converged with the lake as well. Clue was looking to explore. As an Australian Kelpie, this is to be expected. They are curious dogs by nature. Clue fell into the water in a marshy area but her mother pulled her out quickly.

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She was in the water for all of a minute. Her mother says that she took in a mouthful of water while she was in the area. It all seemed so innocent at the time. Yunue never could have expected what would end up happening next, though. Sadly, what she did not know was that these waters were actually quite dangerous. Blue/green algae is very toxic to dogs.

They should not be allowed to frolic in mysterious lakes, as this innocent activity can place their safety at risk. A couple that was at the lake at the time even warned Moore. Dogs have already passed away as a result of being exposed to these waters. The presence of anatoxin-a was detected in the lake and it was recently shut down for a few days.

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No swimming or fishing was allowed because of the toxic algae. Unfortunately, online advertisements are still claiming that the lake is friendly for dogs. Clue was immediately rushed back to the vehicle. It was already too late. She passed away within two hours, even after being taken to an emergency vet’s office. She was “full of joy and light”, according to her owner.

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It is clear to see that she is going to be missed dearly. Her gentle kisses and hugs used to light up everyone’s day. Now, her story is being shared as a cautionary tale. Yunue is now showing this story in hopes of saving other pet parents from such a terrible fate. Please be sure to pass this story along to all of the dog owners in your life as soon as possible! You just might save a life.

As summer begins, and we begin to peruse parks, those with pets/animals they take to them should be extremely…

Posted by Yunue Moore on Sunday, May 12, 2019

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