Women Are Citing Climate Change as Their Reason for Not Having Children

The dream for many people is to grow up, get married and have children. They may even start thinking about that possibility when they are very young.

Prior to the time that a couple gets married, they will often have a discussion about whether or not they want children and how many children they would like to have. If the couple does not share the same views on the subject, it may be problematic when it comes to the marriage.

Blythe Pepino is somebody who used to dream of becoming a mother but she and her partner have now changed their minds. They don’t want to give up the chance to be parents because of medical reasons or due to finances, they are doing so to save the planet.

We all want to make sure that our children have what they need. We also want to ensure that they grow up to become productive citizens and live happy, long lives.

Pepino has her view because she is an environmentalist. She has been carefully monitoring the damage caused by humans as we mistreat the planet where we live. We would like our children to inherit a clean planet but she thinks that it is best for them and for everyone if she has no children.

Alice Brown is another environmentalist who shares the same view. It is her desire not to have any children for the sake of the planet. She has difficulty when she sees little children because she does have a desire for them but she and her partner have said that not starting a family is the best choice for the planet.

Brown and Pepino don’t have an issue with other people deciding to have children. It is a personal decision that they have made.

Philip Schofield of ‘This Morning’ asked Brown and Pepino, “Specifically is this you’re not having children because you don’t want to bring them up in the planet we are about to inhabit or you don’t want to increase the population?”

You can hear their answer and tips we can all use to save the planet in this video:

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