You Can Grow Succulents That Look Exactly Like Roses

If you love the look of roses but don’t have the time to care for them – or, if you’re like me, have a black thumb – then these mountain roses might be more your style.

The mountain rose, also known as Greenovia dodrantalis, is actually a species of succulent. Succulents are rather hardy little plants, so you won’t have to really worry about accidentally killing it.

Normally they come in a blue-green color, which is pretty common. But lately, there has been a pink version of the plant that’s been circulating around on social media. The mountain rose’s leaves look surprisingly similar to a regular rose’s petals in bloom. However, unlike an actual rose, the mountain rose succulent will stay alive forever – so long as you take proper care of it.

When it comes to caring, these succulents don’t need much in terms of water and will thrive in a warm, sunny environment. They will do well as either indoor or outdoor plants, so long as the temperatures don’t get extremely cold. when it is fully grown, the mountain rose will be about 6 inches high.

And if you want more succulents, all you need to do is simply snip them into small plants – known as offsets – which will eventually grow into the main plant.

Another cool feature, if you’re lucky, is that the mountain rose will sometimes bloom tiny yellow flowers in springtime. This means that you’ll have a whole new wow-factor to your succulent.

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The succulents are pretty rare and hard to find in stores, however, you can purchase either the seeds or the full plant online at Etsy for only $9! But if you decide to go for the seeds, just keep in mind that they’ll take about two years to fully grow.

Who knew that succulents could be so pretty? Want do you think? Would you have them in your house for decoration?

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