YouTuber Tries To Give Herself ‘Henna Freckles’ And It Went Downhill From There

Naomi Jon is a German YouTuber who uploaded a video that went viral quickly. She was trying to use henna to give herself semi-permanent freckles and it didn’t go well.

In the video, she said that she wanted to try the freckle makeover after watching an Instagram video. She said: “I saw this video on Instagram ages ago where this girl gave herself permanent freckles with henna, I loved it.”

Naomi started out with the same equipment used in the Instagram video. She put her best foot forward and captured the whole thing on video. I would imagine that she is regretting trying it at this point.

After she finished, she admitted that her skin was turning red and she had this strange burning sensation.

After doing some comparisons with the ‘other’ video, she then tried to cover over her mistake with some concealer and foundation. As you can imagine, there was no turning back from this one.

Naomi doesn’t seem to learn a lesson quickly. She went looking for online henna removal tips and one was to smear olive oil on her face.

By this point, she realized there wasn’t anything she could do but have a good cry. She excused herself to do so and even asked for prayers from her viewers.

If you have been considering some faux freckles, this is one to put on the ‘do not try’ list. Perhaps you could try the Bronzie Tan Your Own Freckles Stencil to get your freckles on.

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