20-Year-Old Deaf Cat Gets Dumped At The Shelter For Being ‘Too Old’

What pet owner doesn’t want their animal to live for a very long time? If we had it our way, our pets would never pass on. Who wouldn’t love to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our best pals will never desert us? Rascal the cat was one animal who was blessed to live for a very long time and this story should have been a happy one.

Unfortunately, Rascal was not so lucky. Once he lost his ability to hear, his owners decided that they did not want to have him around anymore. The troubles started to take place when his owners decided that they were ready to move south. The family used to live in Pennsylvania and now they are residing in Virginia. Rascal became confused by the new home.

As a result of this confusion, he started to have “accidents” on a fairly regular basis. Instead of being kind and understanding about these accidents, his family decided that they would be better off getting rid of him instead. Despite the fact that he had gone deaf, Rascal was in perfect health. They surrendered him to the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter.

They even let the shelter know that they were ditching him because he was “too old”. This was the reason that was written down on the paperwork. The shelter workers knew that they needed to get Rascal into a new home as quickly as possible. A video was posted on the shelter’s Facebook page that went viral right away and we are hopelessly smitten.

How could you not love this cat? The video was so popular, Rascal was only forced to reside at the shelter for one night before he was taken to a new forever home. As it turns out, there are lots of people who believed that this family’s actions were unnecessary and cruel. Meredith Bauer is his new mother and the two are getting along famously.

Even though Rascal was a bit shy at first, it did not take long for him to come out of his shell. He gets to hang out with her other cats and the two spend lots of time outdoors. He would eventually pass away and was laid to rest in June. We take solace in the fact that he was allowed to spend his final days in the comfort that he deserved. Please share this story to raise awareness about the importance of adopting senior cats.

***ADOPTED 1/26******PLEASE SHARE, 20 YEAR OLD CAT IN NEED OF HOME***Rascal, TWENTY YEARS OF AGE, is a sweet old deaf fella who was surrendered to the shelter this afternoon for being "old" and having accidents in the house. Rascal had been with this family for nearly his entire lifetime and is understandably quite confused. We are hopeful that you all will share this post far and wide and that tonight will be the only night Rascal will ever spend in a shelter! PLEASE SHARE AND HELP THIS SENIOR FIND A FAMILY THAT WILL LOVE HIM THROUGH THE GOOD AND THE BAD FOR THE REST OF HIS DAYS!

Posted by Spotsylvania Animal Shelter on Thursday, January 25, 2018

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