People Can’t Believe That Andy Samberg Is Much Older Than He Looks

There are certain celebrities who seem to be aging in reverse. We have all marveled at people like Pharrell and Nas, who look exactly the same as they did when we first got to know them. Now, it is Andy Samberg’s turn in the spotlight. His recent appearance at the Golden Globes has inspired a great deal of commentary, especially because of his outspoken remarks about the United States government.

The Golden Globes also provides us with no shortage of memes and clips to gawk at. Melissa McCarthy smuggled in dozens of ham sandwiches. Emma Stone apologized to the world at large for the atrocity that was Aloha. Twitter developed a fairly strong conspiracy theory regarding Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Aniston’s similarity, deciding that Cuoco was her doppelganger.

Samberg was the host for the evening, alongside the one and only Sandra Oh. The two had a great time roasting various celebrities and audience members and truly set the tone for an awesome evening of entertainment. These two should be the hosts of this event in perpetuity. While this may have been Andy’s first time hosting the awards, this milestone was overshadowed.

As it turns out, there are a wide range of people out there who are totally unaware of his age. Whether it is his boyish good looks, the type of comedy or his general demeanor, there are a number of folks who believe that he is far younger than he actually is. When the world learned that he is 40, this was a stunning revelation.

He does not look as if he is one day older than 30. The fact that he still looks as if he could be a senior in college is enough to perplex many. A picture of Samberg from when he was in sixth grade started to make the rounds and we are pleased to report that he still looks exactly the same. He is even still friends with his childhood pal, Chelsea Peretti.

Chelsea even admitted that she had a major crush on Samberg back in the day. She would call his house and hang up, too nervous to summon the urge to flirt with him directly. If only there were some emojis that she could have used to convey her feelings! As for the present day, Peretti says that Samberg refuses to acknowledge her feelings. Find out more about what she had to say during her recent appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show.

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