Newborn Calf Dumped By Dairy Farmer On The Side Of The Road To Prevent “Milk Wastage”

Sadly, animal abandonment is something that we are accustomed to hearing about. However, this is the type of story that makes us wonder what type of world we are actually living in. You would think that the average farmer would have far more respect for an animal than others do. This story shows that this perception is categorically false.

This story took place in India, where one farmer participated in some of the most heartless behavior imaginable. They left one of their newborn calves behind. Animal Aid found the calf and brought the animal in for care. The calf was even given a new name, Dil. In Hindi, the word “dil” means heart and this is an apt moniker for the calf.

Dil certainly had a rough go of things at the very beginning but Animal Aid was not willing to allow him to be forgotten. While this farmer’s actions are certainly unforgivable, we are glad to see that Dil is finally receiving the attention he needs. His prognosis was grim when he first arrived and these shelter workers were quick to assist.

As each day passed, Dil began to grow more and more strong. The farmer may not have seen the value in keeping Dil around but his loss was their gain. Animals who are abandoned are often treated as if they have nothing to offer the world as a whole. In reality, all they need is a little bit of love and care to reach their true potential.

Dil adapted well to his new environment and was happy to soak up all the love he was being given. Within a few months, he was able to move out of the pen that he was staying in. He is now spending time with the larger cows at this shelter and by all accounts, he is happy as can be. Dil gets to run and play all day, as any animal should.

We are glad to see that this story had a happier ending than its beginning would indicate. Let’s all do our part to put a stop to stories like these. It is time that we come together and raise awareness about the dangers of animal abandonment. While this story may have turned out to have a happy ending, there are so many animals who do not receive the same chance that Dil got.

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