10 Things That Used To Be Basic Manners That Kids Today Have Never Learned

There is no doubt that the world is changing around us. Technology has crept into our lives and overtaken it in so many ways that it has shaped us and we may never return to the way we were before. Although there certainly is nothing wrong with technology, the change in society has resulted in a rather uncomfortable situation.

I’m talking about the lack of courtesy and in today’s world, being courteous is not necessarily in style. Many children are growing up not knowing the basics of etiquette, so they may not be able to get through social situations in the way that our parents or grandparents did. That is why we are providing the following 10 rules of etiquette that everyone should know. Putting these back into our lives is going to make a difference in how we get through our day-to-day existence.

1. Understanding Courteous Words – Do you remember when we would greet each other in the morning by saying hello or good morning? When we left the home, we would even say goodbye. There are also the “magic words,” thank you and please.

As a parent, you probably realize how frustrating it can be when you are met with such impoliteness from your family members. Imagine how it feels in public.

2. Keeping up Appearances – One of the basic niceties in life that many people have foregone is their personal appearance. Applying makeup and doing whatever else is necessary to look our best should be done in a private area. We often see people that are out and about looking their worst but a little bit of personal grooming goes a long way.

3. It’s All about Posture – Do you remember walking around as a child with a book on your head? Many of us did it because it was a way to improve posture and it made us feel like a fashion model. As it turns out, posture is more than just standing up straight. It gives us some self-respect and even gets the respect of others. That isn’t even to mention the fact that good posture is great for your health.

4. Handwritten Thank You Notes – If you really want to show your appreciation, nothing quite says it like a handwritten note. Skip the email and text message and buy some stamps. It will be much appreciated.

5. Table Manners – When I was a young child, my siblings (or my parents) would quickly remind me if I put my elbows on the table. Other matters of etiquette at the table include not slurping your liquid food or drinks or reaching over someone to grab a dish of food.

6. Standing When an Older Person Enters – This is a sign of respect and it is something that has all but disappeared. In some countries, it is still done as a way to honor an older individual walking into the room. Try it, you would be surprised with how well it is received.

7. Cross Your Ankles – Women should not be sitting like truck drivers. That may sound brash, but it needed to be said. The rules of etiquette state that a woman should sit with her ankles crossed. I’m not sure why this isn’t done any longer but it looks great and is quite comfortable.

8. Remove Your Hat – When men walked indoors, they would remove their hats out of respect. It was common knowledge for quite some time but today, very few people practice this basic rule of etiquette.

9. She Decides When It Ends – Most men are stressed out over what the next move should be on a date. The woman used to have the final say of when the evening was over.

10. Offer to Pay – There is a lot of benefit to making an offer to pay for your meal, even if the men typically would do so. It’s a kind gesture and sometimes, declining the payment is just as proper as accepting the payment.

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