Brokenhearted Bachelor Finds Sick Kitten Outside His Door, Together They Rescued Each Other

All of us have experienced the pain of a broken heart in our lives. For many of us, it begins when we are quite young and we end up losing the ‘love of our life’, of course, until the next love of our life comes along. That doesn’t mean that it is any less difficult and when we get older, the pain may only deepen when we experience heartbreak.

Although we may suffer from these problems, there is always a sure cure for feeling brokenhearted. I’m talking about the love of an adorable kitten. It seems as if they are able to come into our lives and wrap themselves around our heart. Once we have one next to us, we couldn’t imagine life without them.

The man in this story, who goes by the name, MK, had experienced such a breakup. He was going through life very emotional and was actually crying in this apartment when he suddenly had a strong desire to get up and go do laundry.

It was on that fateful trip when he found a sick little kitten. The feline’s eyes were closed because they were so full of pus and life had obviously not been very good to him. When the door open, the cat ran inside to escape the heat and it was that chance meeting that brought these two individuals together.

MK started caring for the cat. He gave him some water and even pre-chewed some fajita meat he had left over from the night before. That is where the kitten got his name, Fajita.

We have all heard about stories like this before but the bond that MK and Fajita share is one that touches many hearts.

Since Fajita was a sickly kitten, he needed to be taken to the veterinarian. Fajita didn’t have a problem being in a pet carrier, so he must’ve known that he was being taken care of by the right person.

The news about Fajita was not good. He was malnourished and had conjunctivitis and a respiratory infection. MK made the decision on the way back home to take this cat in as his pet. When he asked Fajita if he wanted to be his new pet, the cat immediately meowed back. MK “broke into tears.” He said:

“I was feeling so alone and lost after the breakup. His little meow filled my heart with love again.”

We often hear about rescues and there are many animals out there who now have a forever home because of the kindness of others. As it turns out, Fajita was the rescuer and MK is the one who was saved on that day.

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