30 Humorous ‘Dog Balloons’ That Got Stuck On The Ceiling

We have seen our fair share of dog pictures online. It just seems as if they are something we gravitate toward and aside from cat pictures, they are probably our favorite thing to see when we are browsing the net. Of course, there are dog pictures and then there are amazing dog pictures. We feel that these fall into the amazing category.

When you start sharing dog pictures online or perhaps if you browse through the pics, you will see that there are some trends that come and go. Some of them are quite adorable and may just want to make you run out and get a dog for yourself. Others disappear and perhaps we are happy that they did so. Examples of some of the dog picture trends include dog shaming and dogs hiding in some fashion or another.

Now it seems as if somebody has started a new trend and it is pretty awesome. I’m talking about balloon dogs, which were first posted on a sub-Reddit. They appear to be a dog that has floated up to the ceiling and got stuck. Now that they have started, they have gone viral and you are about to see why. Enjoy these 30 dog balloons and I dare you to not laugh at them.











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