Meet Loki: The World’s Grumpiest Sphynx Cat

While most of us are already fans of ‘Grumpy Cat’, there is a new cat in town who just might be even grumpier. Tartar Sauce rose to stardom by being one of the grumpiest kitties in all of the land but Loki just might be able to give her a major run for her money. We have yet to see a cat look as angry as this Sphynx does. These cats have a unique appearance and are shockingly soft to the touch.

They appear to be hairless but they are actually covered in a thin layer of fuzz that makes them very easy to pet. Brent and Sara are Loki’s parents and they are beyond happy to house this angry looking fellow. That is because the angry expression actually serves as a mask for a very affectionate creature. These cats may look mad at the world but they still love their humans!

These cats also love to receive plenty of attention. The Sphynx is able to handle any trip to the vet’s offices and their love for people is boundless. In fact, a number of these cats will often work as therapy animals for those who are in need of a little extra tender, loving care. This information certainly comes as a surprise after seeing this guy’s mean mug.

Since the little guy gets cold in the wintertime, Loki’s parents outfit him in adorable, tiny sweaters. The juxtaposition of his angry face and that fuzzy outfit is enough to send us into hysterics. As a resident of New York City, Loki has become used to these sorts of conditions and we commend him on his ability to stay still so that he can have his picture taken.

His facial expression when he is asked to wear a rainbow sweater is also priceless. It is hard to believe that he is someone who actually likes people but it is true, we swear! Even when he is snuggling with his owners, he still keeps a perpetual “get me out the heck out of here” look on his face.

We did not know that it was possible for a cat to have a permanent scowl but Loki is definitely one of a kind. What do you think of this hilarious cat and his awesome photos? If you laughed as hard as we did, be sure to pass this story along as soon as possible!


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