Adorable Video Shows Mother Moose Helping Her Baby Cross The Road

Steve Muise resides in Alberta, Canada. As someone who is used to residing in this region, he is accustomed to seeing various forms of wildlife. However, his most recent wildlife sighting was one of the most heartwarming. Now, he is sharing his story with the rest of the world. He and his wife Lalaine were on their way back from a trip to Edmonton when they saw the most amazing thing.

There was a newborn calf who was attempting to cross the road. Their mother was waiting for them. From the looks of it, the calf had just been born recently. Their hair was slicked back and they had a wobbly gait. It was easy to see that the animal was just learning to walk. That’s why Mom was doing her best to make sure that the child got their bearings.

The couple was more than happy to give them a wide berth. They wanted to make sure that the baby was able to make their way across the street safely. Steve and Lalaine even waved down other drivers, so that the animals would not be startled by any oncoming traffic. “Not many have seen calves that young,” Steve says. In his estimation, the calf was just a few hours old.

Once the calf and mother had made their way across the road, the happy couple headed home. They had received a valuable reminder of just how beautiful nature can be. Nature provides us with all sorts of moments like these. We just have to be willing to pay attention to them. The video has already been viewed thousands of times and for good reason.

One of the most amazing things I’ve seen. Only a few hours old.(For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Steve Muise on Thursday, May 23, 2019

How could anyone ever possibly resist a video that is this adorable? We know that we have definitely already contributed to the view count on this one. Steve and Lalaine are happy that this moment has been preserved forever. After all, babies do not stay babies forever. There are a few things that are sweeter than the bond a family shares.

If you are anything like us, you will want to pass this one along to all of your closest friends and loved ones. Steve even says that he shared the video with all of the students in his driving instruction class. As you may have imagined, they were enthralled by the footage. This is one of the most incredible things that we have ever seen. Please take a moment to share away, everyone!

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