Amazon is selling a sun lounger with a hole cut out so you can read while tanning

One of the pleasures that we may enjoy in life is spending a day at the beach. For some of us, it is a weekend activity and for others, it is a vacation that we plan for all year long. We simply grab some sunscreen, our favorite beach chair, and a good book. It all seems so perfect until our arms and neck start to ache after reading for a while in an uncomfortable position.

That is where a company called Ostrich comes in. They have created an ingenious new product and are selling it on Amazon. It is the perfect chair for anyone who loves reading and fixes the problem that all of us have experienced when trying to read on vacation at the beach.

You will never want to go to the beach again without the Ostrich Chaise Lounge with you. It’s a regular lounge chair but it has a cushioned hole so you can lay on your stomach and read with the book comfortably in the sand below you. After you’re done reading, just flip the attached pillow over and it is a regular sun lounger again.

The ostrich website has the following description:

“Treat yourself to this versatile chaise lounge. Patented open/close face cavity with arm holes allows you to lie on your back or stomach. Four positions let you recline or lay flat. Lightweight and portable, take your personal tanning bed/massage table/reading chair with you and succumb to the complete comfort experience.”

You can pick up the chair on Amazon for $59 and choose from blue, red, yellow, pink and blue-and-white-stripped colors. It is also possible to save money by purchasing the red, pink and yellow on Amazon for a lot less, if you choose to use the right link.

Since the chairs are lightweight, you can haul them down to the beach without any problem. Some reviewers were concerned about the durability and stability, but Ostrich let them know that they could store the chairs in the shade to prevent excessive wear and tear.

Most people will want to use these lounges at the beach but you can use them in your backyard or even in any room in the home. It gives you the chance to enjoy your favorite book in style and comfort.

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