Baby Girl Hates Peas So Much She Says Her First Words

There are many milestones that our children will reach in life but perhaps the one that we remember more than others is the time when they say their first word. It is usually saying something such as ‘mama’ or ‘daddy’ but sometimes they may surprise you.

We also live at a time when people post videos of their children on an ongoing basis. Social media is flooded daily with those videos so it is difficult to have them stand out. One video that was posted on YouTube, however, managed to gain some traction and it went viral.

A couple was busy feeding their baby, which is typically a messy endeavor. They were new parents and they didn’t know that they were about to get the shock of their lives.

The mom scooped up some smooshed peas and put them into the baby’s mouth. You can instantly tell that the baby is not having any of it and she does everything she can to avoid eating them.

The mother is persistent, telling the baby that peas are good for you and she gets another spoonful ready but she gets the same reaction.

The father is even laughing in the background and the baby is obviously not very happy.

When the baby wipes away another spoonful, she slaps the highchair and says ‘I done’.

I can only imagine how excited and shocked the parents were at this point. They even were able to capture everything on video!

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