Boy With Downs Finds Out Mom Is Taking Him To Disney And His Reaction Is Priceless

While the idea of driving to the airport on a cold and dreary Michigan morning may not seem like very much fun, this is one family that knows how to make the best of things. Alethea was taking the journey with her little boy Alex. There was quite the unique twist, though. Alex was about to take a trip that he never could have imagined.

His mother hands him a pair of plane tickets and we get to watch the realization of what is taking place dawn on him in real time. The tickets say that they are on their way to Orlando, Florida. Alex cannot seem to put the puzzle together, however. Where is his mother taking him and why? You can even see the wheels turning inside of his head as he tries to figure it out.

After awhile, the light bulb goes off. He dares to ask THE question. His tone of voice when he says “Disney?” is absolutely priceless. When his mother answers affirmatively, the cuteness factor ratchets up even further! Best of all, his mother has already taken care of everything. His suitcase is packed and now all that is left to settle in for a few days of fun in the sun.

Alethea did not expect the video to go viral when she posted it on her Facebook page but Alex’s enthusiasm was infectious. We cannot get enough of the photos of their ensuing adventure. Alex definitely got to have the time of his life. Alex has a little brother named Ben and he is struggling with a litany of medical issues, including Downs Syndrome.

We can only imagine how much this family needed this getaway from their everyday lives. Hopefully, Ben was able to have a good time and most importantly, it was probably nice for Alethea to have the chance to blow off a little steam. Even just having the chance to watch Alex’s reaction video was pretty awesome. If you are anything like us, you will want to watch it again and again!

Families like these do not always receive the chance to relax and let their hair down a bit. Here’s hoping that Alethea, Alex and Ben have more opportunities to do so in the future. Be sure to pass this touching clip along to all of your closest friends and loved ones as well!

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Posted by Alethea Jo, Writer on Monday, January 7, 2019

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