Single Mom Discovers Her Foster Baby Is Actually The Biological Sister Of Her Adopted Son

Katie Price found herself in a situation as a single mother when her marriage ended in her early 30s. Rather than sinking into depression, she decided to make a change. She got a new career, moved to a new home in Colorado and began fostering a child. In the past, Katie had struggled with fertility issues but had always hoped to adopt.

When a 4-day-old nameless boy was dropped off at a local hospital in 2016, everything changed.

Katie fostered the baby, whom she named Grayson for almost a year until the court terminated the rights of the birth parents. She was then able to adopt Grayson on his 11th birthday.

Katie loved being a mother and planned on adopting another child a couple of years later. That changed when she received a call from a caseworker a few weeks later about another newborn baby. It was a girl that was dropped off at the same hospital and they needed someone to care for her immediately.

“I know over the next 10 minutes and subsequent phone calls I made that afternoon, the phrase ‘I know I am crazy, but God is telling me to say YES’ kept coming out of my mouth.”

Within a few hours, Hannah was dropped off at Katie’s house to live with her and Grayson.

Katie took a closer look at Hannah’s hospital bracelet and suddenly things came into focus.

This is Katie Price and her two children. They live in Parker, CO.

A few years ago, Katie was newly divorced and looking for direction in her life.

Her first marriage came to an end when she was in her early 30s and she decided to get a fresh start.

She bought a new home and shifted careers.

One day, her pastor sent her an unusual email. He suggested that she might foster a child, especially considering her fertility issues. She had also considered adopting in the past.

Katie didn’t jump right in but it did get her thinking. She started with some foster care system meetings and lots of learning.

Katie realized that fostering was right for her at one of those meetings.

After she had fostered 4 different children, she was ready to adopt a child of her own.

A caseworker contacted her in 2016 about a 4-day old nameless boy who was dropped at the nearby hospital

Katie named him Grayson and fostered him for a year while social workers were looking for his parents.

Nobody stepped forward to claim Grayson.

Katie was relieved because she was now in love with the 11-month-old child.

The court terminated the rights of the birth parents and Katie adopted Grayson on the day he turned 11-months-old

Something happened about 2 weeks later that changed Katie’s life unexpectedly.

Another caseworker called to tell Katie about a baby girl who had been dropped at the same hospital and she needed placement.

As you can imagine, Katie was overwhelmed with emotion but she knew in her heart that it was the right thing to do.

“I know over the next 10 minutes and subsequent phone calls I made that afternoon, the phrase ‘I know I am crazy, but God is telling me to say YES’ kept coming out of my mouth.”

Within hours, Hannah was dropped off with Katie and Grayson at her home.

Katie then noticed the name on Hannah’s baby bracelet. Her mother’s name was the same as the name of Grayson’s birth mother according to hospital records.

She looked at the discharge papers and noticed that the birth mother also shared the same date as Grayson’s birth mom?

Was it just a coincidence?

Grayson and Hannah didn’t look anything alike but Katie suspected that they were somehow related.

“Grayson is half African American with beautiful darker skin and dark curly hair,” Katie wrote on her blog. “Baby Girl has a pale white skin tone with straight red-blonde hair.”

It took some time to track down Hannah’s birth mother but Katie knew right away that she was Grayson’s biological mom. As it turns out, she had also given birth to a boy.

A DNA test confirmed her suspicions. Hannah and Grayson are biological half-siblings.

“What if Baby Girl had gone to another family?” Katie asked in her blog post. “We would have never found her or Grayson’s mother. The connection would have never been made!

I could not believe the miracle that had just happened.”

Katie adopted Hannah in December 2018

“That day I said ‘Yes’ to taking the Baby Girl I felt the strangest feeling ever. I don’t think I had truly until that moment felt an undeniable calling from God (or whatever higher spirit you personally might believe in).

My brain was telling me to say ‘no’ because it made no sense and was not in my plans, but something inside kept saying you have to say ‘YES’. It is a sheer miracle, once in a lifetime chance… call it what you will, but it is amazing that my children found each other.”

Katie is now hoping to adopt another baby, Hannah and Grayson’s 5-month-old sibling.

She is hoping to be a mom to Jackson later this year.

“I am constantly taking leaps of faith and building my wings on the way down,” Katie says.

I am sharing my passions and loves along this crazy journey that God has blessed me with.”

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