Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy And Becomes One Of The Oldest Moms In The World

The human body is certainly a marvel, isn’t it? There are a number of stories out there that serve as a powerful reminder of this undeniable fact. Thanks to modern science, we are now able to push our bodies to the absolute limit. Take the mother in this story, for instance. While most would not expect a mother to be able to conceive a child at the age of 72, she is here to disprove the skeptics.

The father of the child is 80 years old and it is entirely possible that they are the oldest set of parents to ever exist. Mohinder Singh Kaur and his wife Daljinder had spent their entire lives trying to conceive a child of their own. Many of their friends and loved ones had tried to convince them to adopt but they were not ready to give up on their hopes and dreams. All of these dreams finally came true once they were retired.

Their lives were happy but they knew that they would be happier if they had a child to call their own. They finally decided that it was time to ask the medical professionals for the necessary assistance. After a number of tests and exams, the couple was able to learn more about the feasibility of their dream. As it turns out, it was not too late after all!

The National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Centre monitored the pregnancy to make sure that the child and mother made it through the process safely. The couple was reluctant initially but once they received the go-ahead from the aforementioned professionals, they were more than happy to proceed. Little Armaan was born in perfect health!

Daljinder was even able to breastfeed the little boy during the first few months of his life. She admits now that the process was far more challenging than she expected it to be. It was hard for her to keep up with the little boy and she needed prescription medication to handle the rigors of new motherhood. Daljinder credits her faith in the Lord for helping her through it.

She does much of the work and Armaan’s dad helps in any way possible. The couple is not going to rely on the assistance of nannies and they will be raising the child on their own. Armaan remains by his parents’ side all day. He is truly a blessing from above and we look forward to hearing more about this awesome family in the years to come!

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