California Pet Stores Now Restricted To Only Selling Rescue Cats And Dogs

California pet stores will now have to alter the way that they do business. Their days of being able to sell any animals that came their way without experiencing repercussions are over. Cats, dogs and rabbits must now be sold in the proper manner. If animals are being purchased from dangerous mills and overzealous breeders, the pet stores will be subject to punishment.

This is great news for all of the animal activists out there. Puppy mill operations are now being targeted. California pet shop owners are all out of excuses. They must work in conjunction with the new laws that have been passed. This is also a major boon for all the rescue animals out there who could not find homes. They are no longer forced to compete with scofflaw pet stores for attention.

Backyard breeders are also being targeted. These breeders engage in unsafe practices and they do not always provide adequate space for their animals to live in. In most instances, the animals are forced to live in complete squalor. It is easy to forget your humanity when you are consumed with greed. Now, the decision is finally being taken out of their hands.

We are glad to learn about the states that have been willing to step forward. Hopefully, every state in the country will follow California’s lead and made the right decision. It hurts our hearts to see so many puppies and kittens suffering from health problems because they have been crammed into cages. Thanks to the new laws, puppy breeders will have to go back to the drawing board.

In time, there is going to be nowhere left for these unethical breeders to hawk their wares. This opens the door for more rescue animals to find homes. In turn, this decreases the amount of strain that is placed on animal shelters. Shelters do not always have the space for all of the animals that are abandoned. This leaves rescue animals in a precarious position.

Now that pet stores can stock their shelves with rescue animals, pet adopters can make better choices as well. Rabbits are also being protected by this new bill. New York has followed suit by passing similar laws and Maryland is expected to make a similar decision in the not so distant future. Please share this important story with your friends and loved ones. These statewide bans should soon become a nationwide ban and we are 100 percent here for it!

Source: TheDodo

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