Your Cat Can Give You A Parasite That Reduces Fear, Encouraging You To Take More Risks In Life

We all have certain goals that we would like to accomplish in this life. For some of us, it could be something as simple as uprooting and moving to a brand new city. For others, it might have more to do with overcoming fears. Many of us have all sorts of hopes and dreams for ourselves but we do not achieve them because we are simply too afraid to act on our ideas.

In essence, we have nothing to be afraid of except for fear itself. Our minds are overly analytical by nature and it is easy to implant seeds of doubts into our own minds if we are not truly careful. So how can our cats assist us in this regard? They are fearless creatures, for sure. But did you know that cats can pass along a bug that makes you less fearful?

This might seem scary to some and it might seem too good to be true for others. However, this is not the plot to some far off science fiction film and it is a 100 percent real phenomenon. This parasite had made its way around the world and has reportedly infected up to two billion humans. It is also believed that at least 60 million residents of the United States are infected.

Cat feces are responsible for the spread of the parasite but meat that is not properly cooked is also to blame. This parasite can be quite dangerous, though. Pregnant women should avoid exposure at all costs. The parasite does not leave our bodies once it has arrived. When researchers took a closer look at those who were affected, their findings were stunning.

Those who were infected by the parasite were more likely to have majored in business and were also more likely to have engaged in certain entrepreneurial pursuits. Think of all the people out there who have awesome business ideas and end up failing because they never actually try. This parasite serves as a great way to cure this issue.

Before you start attempting to contract this parasite yourself, be forewarned. There are definite drawbacks that need to be considered. Suicide and drug abuse are also more common when humans are infected by this parasite. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can become a superhero or a billionaire overnight by exposing yourself to cat feces. We beg of you.

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