Cat Still Comes To Window Hoping To Play With Dog Who Passed Away From Cancer

Grieving animals have a way of hitting us square in the feels. There is something about seeing an animal that is still looking for their old friends that tears us up inside. This story is a prime example of how adorably sad it can be when animals do not know where their loved ones have vanished to. Shea Belew Brennaman was recently forced to lay her dog to rest.

She had grown up with the dog and was absolutely heartbroken. The social studies teacher had never known life without her pal by her side. Gracie came into her life when she was just 11 years old.

The animal passed away after she completed college. While this is certainly a long and healthy lifespan, this knowledge did not do much to console Shea.

Shea dedicated an Instagram post to the dog. She wanted the world to know just how much she was going to miss the pup. While she was sad to see Gracie go, she knew that it was her time to go.

She would miss her terribly but she took some solace in the fact that she would be with God. Shea was not the only one who was going to miss the dog, though.

The dog had made a friend that the family did not know as well. A neighborhood cat had been playing with Gracie for the past couple of years.

They decided that they would name the cat Baby Grey and Baby Grey never missed a chance to come over and play with her pal. Gracie was known for having an awesome relationship with all of the neighborhood animals.

On the other hand, her relationship with Baby Grey was truly special. The cat would come to Gracie’s yard on a daily basis to play. When Gracie went away, Baby Grey did not know what to do with herself.

It has been over a year since Gracie was laid to rest and Baby Grey still checks back all the time to make sure that her friend has not come back.

Their friendship was clearly very special to the both of them. We hope that Baby Grey finds peace soon. The constant vigil is tough to watch but the family is happy to see that Gracie’s memory is still alive.

Please be sure to share this touching story with all of your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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