Man And His Dog Leap Into Water To Save Two Pups Stuck In Icy Lake

Kira the dog and Timofey have been close friends ever since they first met. The two go everywhere together and they are essentially inseparable. When the two went out with Timofey’s wife for a stroll by the lake, they never could have expected what would happen next. This area tends to be tranquil under most circumstances but this was not a normal day.

A woman could be heard screaming from the other side of the lake. Her dogs had tried to cross the lake. Unfortunately, the ice did not hold and the dogs fell inside. The dogs were doing their best to climb out but they were stuck. Timofey knew that the dogs were going to run out of energy quickly. If he did not intervene, the animals were going to drown in the icy waters.

Posted by Melissa Kho on Saturday, March 9, 2019

Kira wanted to help, too. She was not going to let her fellow dogs sink to the bottom of the lake. When Timofey stripped off his clothes to jump into the lake, Kira was not far behind. These two do everything together and that includes the saving of lives. Timofey was not surprised at all by what had taken place. He knew that the dog was going to follow him into the waters.

He needed the moral support. It felt good to know that he was not alone in this endeavor. Diving into an ice cold lake had to be scary. Thanks to the help of his pal Kira, the task was made much easier. They were able to lead the first dog all the way back to the shore relatively quickly. The second dog was removed from the waters shortly thereafter.

Posted by Melissa Kho on Saturday, March 9, 2019

The dogs were definitely a bit frazzled by the time they made their way back onto dry land. They were no worse for the wear, though. If Timofey and Kira did not come along at this moment, who knows what would have happened? We are sure that the dogs’ mother was beyond thrilled when these heroes came along. She was in tears by the time the rescue was complete.

Who knew that Kira was a dog who could save other dogs? Timofey says that her intelligence has always come in handy. He believes that she fully understood what was going on. She knew that the dogs were in distress and knew that she had to help. Kudos to Kira and her owner!

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